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Ann Arbor 5
Sunk 1969

Rediscovered in the summer of 2005 in the neighborhood of the Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve, the wreck of the Ann Arbor #5 consists of the partial (stern) remains of a railroad car ferry. The old ferry, used as temporary dock during the construction of the Palisades Nuclear Energy plant in the late 1960’s, was wrecked in a winter storm. The wreck was dismantled the following spring, but the aft portion of the barge was lost in 150 feet of water as it was towed to the scrapper. The barge rises out of the Lake bottom at about a thirty-degree angle. The twin 12-foot props and rudder can still be seen in about 130 feet. This wreck was reportedly originally found by the late diver/hunter Dick Race.

Propeller of Ann Arbor 5

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