Great Lakes Underwater Shipwreck Stories and Photos

Most of the shipwrecks shown in this site lie within or near areas defined by the Michigan Underwater Preserves system.

Isle Royale National Park
Diving Isle Royale: 1977 & 2010
Chester A. Congdon*

Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve
Mary Alice B.

South West Michigan Underwater Preserve
Ann Arbor #5

Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Preserve
Eber Ward
Newell Eddy
William H. Barnum
William Young

Thumb Area Underwater Preserve
Daniel J. Morrell

Thunder Bay Underwater Preserve
Cornelia B. Windiate

West Michigan Underwater Preserve
S.S. Michigan

Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve
Alex Nimic*
John B. Cowle
John M. Osborne
Samuel Mather

Thomas Hume


Ontario, Canada

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Michigan Underwater Preserves System

"The Michigan underwater preserve system was created in 1980 by legislation supported and largely drafted by Michigan sport divers. They took action to preserve Michigan's shipwrecks for later generations. The legislation imposes stiff penalties for disturbing shipwrecks and their artifacts. It is a felony to remove or disturb artifacts in Michigan's Great Lakes. Those caught removing portholes, anchors, chain, deadeyes, blocks or other "souvenirs" will have their boat, car and equipment confiscated and will face up to two years imprisonment and large fines. Divers who have information about the theft of artifacts can report violations to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources at (800) 292-7800."

Larry Sanders, ©2011 Michigan Underwater Preserve Council, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center

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